Independence Day

This weekend I will be spending 4th of July out on Sardine Lake near Sierra City, South of Lake Tahoe. In the past we have always stayed relatively close to town, and always been able to view fireworks in celebration of our country’s freedom, with our friends and family. I felt like changing it up a bit and becoming one with nature, yet again. Of course I will miss seeing fireworks, and who knows, maybe we will be able to see some off in the distance! (wishful thinking, right?) Although I may not be taking place in the typical 4th of July festivities, I will be accessorizing wearing our Nations colors proudly! Here’s what I’ll be packing for my adventure filled 4th of July weekend on the lake!

Moche Lifestyle: Benita poncho, Jubilee necklace, Zoe hat

The Zoe hat by Moche Lifestyle
Moche Lifestyle: Benita Poncho, Jubilee necklace, 3StrandsGlobal bracelets

Have a wonderful and safe weekend as we celebrate this great country!

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