We’re Falling for Autumn Displays

A great display gives your customer an opportunity to visualize an item on themselves. So here are a few merchandising ideas for your winter knits.
1.      Create interesting “lifts and levels” for visual interest.
2.     Keep your display hardware neutral so not to compete with your items for sale.
3.     Choose a coordinating color pallet.
4.     Use flocked hangers rather than wooden or plastic to prevent snagging.
5.     Knits ideally should be folded flat but they are difficult to merchandise that way. Here at Moche Lifestyle we have found if you create a small display it helps your customer visualize how beautiful they look on.
So have fun styling by putting different pieces and colors together for an eye catching display.
Featured Items: The Multi-Knit Poncho, The “Tina” Shrug, The “Camilla” Cardigan, The “Zoe” Hat, The Shaker Stitch Tie, The “Marcia” Headband, The Fingerless Gloves, and The “Benita” Poncho



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