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Umm, Lavender

lavender-Chelsea Lanee Photogrpahy
Photo by: Chelsea Lanee Photogrpahy
Chelsea Lanee Photogrpahy-lavendar
Photo by: Chelsea Lanee Photogrpahy

I went to Trader Joe’s the other afternoon and thought I was done with my shopping but couldn’t help but stop and admire their beautiful arrangement of plants out front. Well, I ended up with a lavender plant in my cart!

Dried lavender makes for the perfect sachet to keep your sweater drawers smelling fresh.

Caramel Dipped Apple Balls!

I don’t know about you but I seem to always have a sweet tooth. I’ve been eyeing a few delicious treat recipes on Pinterest and today finally decided to try one out. Caramel dipped apple balls! Today was the best of all days to make this yummy treat too! It started out warm and then became overcast and a bit windy/chilly, making it feel like an October afternoon! Which seemed ever so fitting for the treat I was making!

Anytime I have tried to make a dessert with melted caramel it has been a disaster. The caramel never hardens soon enough, the pretzel breaks, there always seems to be something! Unfortunately, that holds true to this experiment as well! I thought well maybe I wont write about it and I will try again another time, but I was able to get a few good ones and regardless of how they looked they tasted delicious!

It was fun to make no doubt, and just as delicious despite how they looked. This could be a great project with kids, lots of easy steps such as unwrapping the caramels, or peeling the apples and placing the sticks in them.. This is a great group dessert to have the next time friends are over and they can dress their own apples in the toppings of their choice!

       You will need:

  • 4 Medium/Large Apples
  • One bag of Kraft caramels
  • A bag of cake pop sticks
  • A peeler and a melon baller

Tips and Tricks:

It’s important to be sure and peel off all of the skin before using the melon baller or dipping the apples, the skin will make the caramel slide right off. Another key note is to be sure the apples are room temperature when dipping them, and that the caramel is cooled and slightly thickened before dipping the apples.


Artist Spotlight: CoffeeTopia 

Today I am so excited to share with you two of my favorite things…coffee and artwork. I’ve been following this profile on Instagram of a man who goes by  @Coffeetopia, and he does something simply amazing and combines them both.      Isn’t this just the coolest thing?               I’m unsure if he sells his work, I’ve reached out via Facebook but have not heard back yet, so when I do I’ll let you know! I think it is just a really amazing hobby of his. Feel free to check out more of his pieces on his Instagram linked above, and while you’re at it follow @MocheLifestyle!  Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!

Selfie Collection

A couple of our favorite pieces from our Fall collection, worn and photographed by Chelsea Lanee.

The Sofia Scarf paired with the Marcia Headband, by Moche Lifestyle
The Jacqueline Scarf, by Moche Lifestyle
The Jacqueline Scarf, by Moche Lifestyle. Photography by: Chelsea Lanee Photography

Independence Day

This weekend I will be spending 4th of July out on Sardine Lake near Sierra City, South of Lake Tahoe. In the past we have always stayed relatively close to town, and always been able to view fireworks in celebration of our country’s freedom, with our friends and family. I felt like changing it up a bit and becoming one with nature, yet again. Of course I will miss seeing fireworks, and who knows, maybe we will be able to see some off in the distance! (wishful thinking, right?) Although I may not be taking place in the typical 4th of July festivities, I will be accessorizing wearing our Nations colors proudly! Here’s what I’ll be packing for my adventure filled 4th of July weekend on the lake!

Moche Lifestyle: Benita poncho, Jubilee necklace, Zoe hat

The Zoe hat by Moche Lifestyle
Moche Lifestyle: Benita Poncho, Jubilee necklace, 3StrandsGlobal bracelets

Have a wonderful and safe weekend as we celebrate this great country!