Behind the Brand

Moche…. It’s a Lifestyle!

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We created Moche Lifestyle to be a timeless, effortless, comfortable clothing line for independent, beautiful, and compassionate women. So you will look good, feel good and love what you’re wearing.

 Moche designs are classic and timeless, making it easy for you to go from casual to cocktail by simply changing your accessories. By combining historical artisan techniques, our designers–with their impeccable eye for detail–have created an effortless modern line.  Moche’s luxury, relaxed alpaca knits fit so comfortably, you can rest assured you will always look good.

 Moche is the art of “cozy.” Beginning with our ultra-soft alpaca knits, right down to our stylish accessories, each piece is individually created by a woman artisan. Historical techniques are being preserved as we find modern ways of expressing the art and versatility that is the Moche Lifestyle. Your appreciation for extraordinary craftsmanship gives artisans the opportunity to continue working as independent entrepreneurs, and that is something we can all feel good about.

Moche Lifestyle is a personal reflection of the beautiful, independent and compassionate woman.  It is the perfect creative solution that allows your personal style to shine.  Whether it is the impeccable craftsmanship, the soft and luxurious alpaca fibers, or the timeless versatile designs of our collections, we are confident you will be happy that Moche is a part of your lifestyle.

Terisa Brooks-Huddleston, owner

We are a wholesale company that loves our retail partners. Please see our retail partner list to find a store near you.


One thought on “Behind the Brand

  1. Dear Terisa – over the moon for all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Candace looked adorable – breakout moment!
    Sending you love, joy and many thanks for making so many people’s lives immeasurably better.
    Much love, Laurie Gordon


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