Getaway: Weekend at Lake Tahoe

It was a beautiful weekend for some camping in Tahoe. We did some fishing and canoeing on Caples Lake, explored the strip of south Lake Tahoe, indulged in some delicious chocolate chip-m&m ice cream cookie sandwiches, and watched an amazing lightening/thunderstorm. And completed it with a delicious dinner at Brooks Bar & Deck while overlooking Edgewood golf course, Lake Tahoe.IMG_5234

 Although it was hot hot hot in Tahoe this past weekend, the evenings were definitely cool! Here’s what I packed and wore to dinner last saturday night.IMG_5276

*Scarf: Moche Lifestyle Silk scarf necklace 

*Hat: Moche Lifestyle Zoe beanie alpaca/blend 

*Sweater: Moche Lifestyle  Rosa sweater alpaca/blend 

* Above items are new releases for Fall/Winter 2015.

Caples Lake
Caples Lake

Want more? Here is a live feed from Edgewood. It is such a breathtaking view.

Photo credit: Chelsea Lanee Photography

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